01. Introduction
02. Listen!
03. Volume On Max (Feat. Be The Lion)
04. Get Like Me (Average)
05. Love Is Real
06. Starter Jacket
07. Yellow & Blue (Feat. Casual)
08. Fall Up (Feat. Thom Stockon)
09. 35mm
10. I Thought You Knew
11. Wax Revolution (Feat. Andrew Perez)
12. Hit’em (Feat. Icarus Jones)
13. Fresh Air (Feat. Soul Simple and Pismo)
14. Rebirth
15. Heavy Crown

Introduction, Volume on Max, Fall Up & Wax Revolution produced by Beat Head
Listen!, Get Like Me, Yellow & Blue, I Thought You Knew, Hit’em & Freash Air produced by Chase Moore
Love Is Real produced by Joe Cordova • Starter Jacket produced by Lockdown
All cuts by TSPdjs Manograph and Edaconda